A unique instrumental jazz ensemble with a distinctive "chordless" sound. Learn the ins and outs of playing in a jazz quintet, as you discover the on-stage clues and traditions used in an improvisatory ensemble.

Return to America's folk roots! The Rose Ensemble presents colonial carols and dances, Appalachian folk songs, Southern shape-note singing, Shaker spiritual songs and the styles of signing that gave birth to bluegrass. Call-and-response singing demonstrates how high and low the voice can go. This new program explores our country's history through its musical heritage and gets young people excited about feeling a beat - and singing!

From Baroque ornamentation to African field songs, call-and-response to Louis Armstrong forgetting the words to the virtuosic melodies of Ella Fitzgerald -scat singing is part of the uniquely American style of jazz. Vicky Mountain and Greg Theisen will take you through the history of scat singing.

Fueled by the songs of Lena Horne, Aretha Franklin, Queen Latifah, and many others, this exuberant, music-driven celebration of African American women's triumphs and accomplishments features a striking collection of profiles of the famous and the forgotten.

These programs are funded with money from the vote of Minnesota residents on November 4, 2008, which dedicated funding to preserve our state's art and cultural heritage.