The popular local food Web site, Simple, Good and Tasty, is teaming up with Ramsey County Library to engage, inform and empower the residents of Ramsey County on the issue of good, local, whole foods.

Corn shows up in our food in a variety of ways, often when we least expect it. In their documentary "King Corn," two college graduates embark on a trip to the Midwest to learn about our food system, corn and themselves.

Is it possible to eat local food year-round in Minnesota? It ought to be - our ancestors did it. This class takes a look at the foods that are available locally all year round, including meats, dairy, and eggs, offering tips and resources to make eating locally year-round easy and fun.

These programs are funded with money from the vote of Minnesota residents on November 4, 2008, which dedicated funding to preserve our state's art and cultural heritage.